November 2013

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Home Inspections: How important are they?  Buying a Placer County home involves a lot of steps, one of which is usually getting a home inspection.  On a typical single-family home the cost of the inspection is often in the range of $400, so a lot of buyers ask the question, "how important is this step?"  On a brand new home, buyers sometimes feel like the expense might be an even bigger waste, since everything's new and should be built to current building-code requirements.  That's a good theory, but in practice it's not uncommon to find even a brand new home with flaws that are exposed in a home inspection.

In our experience, getting a home inspection done on any home you buy is not only worth the money spent, it can actually end up being a life-saver

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The Placer County real estate market has experienced a solid improvement over the past year, with an average increase in the median price of a sold listing of 29.8%, based on data from MetroList® today.  Specifically, the median price of a sold listing in Placer County has increased from about $282K to $350K, while the median price of a new listing has increased by about 21.6% from about $335,000 to $389,999 over the same time period.  The average price of a sold listing has increased by 23.5%. These are signs of a county-wide real estate market that has recovered, but one which has most recently been influenced by the increase in the number of homes for sale by over 40% during the past year.

Specifically, the MSI index, or the measure of the months'

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