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Easements: What are they and how might they affect your home?  There's an old saying in real estate - "Under all, is the land".  Translated, what that really means in layman's terms is that no matter what you build on it, how you improve it, or how badly you take care of it, the land is always there.  Think about it, even in a devastating fire, when the fire is gone ... the land remains.

Easements are basically limited rights to use a parcel of land.  There's such a thing as a general easement, which blankets the entire parcel, and a specific easement that covers a defined portion of the parcel.  A common easement you might see on a typical parcel of subdivided land might be a drainage easement, or a utility easement covering the north 10 feet of the

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The Roseville real estate market has clearly improved over the past couple of years.  According to data from MetroList® as of 09/26/13, the median price of a listing sold in Roseville is up 35.8% since the 2nd quarter of 2011.  While this is a relief to a lot of people, many times those numbers can be misleading as we go forward.  For example, this overall increase came from a pretty low point, and they're not likely to be linear for very long.

To get a true picture of how this change is trending, it's important to look at what's been happening over the past 6 months.  Using the same criteria as above, the median price of a sold listing in Roseville is up 2.8% over the past 6 months, while the median price of new listings has trended up 10.2%.  After

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