California Wildfire Risks Continue

Posted by Phil Boren on Saturday, November 30th, 2019 at 1:38pm.

California wildfires have gotten bigger and more frequent in recent years, and a lot of Californians have had to deal with the devastation and aftermath that these events have caused. Most of the time we think of the damage only being caused by the fire itself, but often wildfire risks continue long after the flames are put out. Click the pick below to read the entire report, but two of the lingering tragedies can include flooding and mudflow damage.

california wildfires

Think about how devastated entire communities can be by California wildfires, yet the terrain of an entire region can be materially altered by the effective removal of trees and vegetation by the fire, which can in turn, significantly increase the risk of mudslides and even flooding going forward. These are risks that endure and are often overlooked by homeowners.

With flooding and mudflow damage, you should know that flood damage is not typically covered by homeowner policies. To ensure coverage, you would need to purchase separate flood coverage prior to the loss - typically 30+ days prior - in order for the coverage to become effective. With mudslide damage, this is also not typically covered by homeowner policies unless is it clear that the mudslide was caused by wildfire - then it might be. The bottom line is that you would need to be prepared for these kinds of secondary losses in addition to the fire damage in order to protect yourself. Again, click the pic above to read the entire report and access additional resources, and be sure to check with your insurance agent.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who may have been affected by California wildfires.

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