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Home mortgage rates have been on the rise recently, and many prospective home owners are asking the question ... "What does this mean for us?" Actually, a rising-rate environment affects both buyers and sellers, but for everybody in the market it can create some confusion and even worse - indecision and burnout! Having been a Realtor® for over 30 years now, I've seen this many time in the past, and it's always important to understand the dynamics of any market before making a decision. When interest rates do rise, many times the market segment that is most impacted can be the lower or entry-level. As some home buyers stretch to qualify to buy their first home, for example, a rise in mortgage rates can throw their mortgage loan ratios out of whack and

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Homeownership is essentially the biggest financial decision you'll ever make in your lifetime and it can be both scary and exciting. If you think you're ready to dive in head first to homeownership but you're not sure where to start, you don't have to worry. We've got you covered with our steps to homeownership in Northern California.

Define What You're You Looking For

Buying a home is about more than the here-and-now – buyers need to truly think about their long-term plans and what their future holds. For example, if you're in your late twenties and single but hope to start a family one day, then you may not want to look at smaller condos and apartments. Think about the kind of home you see yourself growing into and go from there.

Find A Real

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Homeownership has a cloud over it ever since the subprime-lending crisis in the last decade, but honestly it’s not really justified anymore. There are millions of potential young homebuyers who aren’t taking advantage of homeownership anymore like their parents did when they were young. The truth is, it’s probably a better decision to buy today than it ever was. So that got us thinking, what are the top reasons to buy a home today? So we came up with a list of reasons to own a home and, while there are many, we’ve narrowed it down to three. So here they are, the top 3 reasons to call someplace your “Home Sweet Home:”

1)   Mortgage Rates are Low – Right now in California you can get a 30-year fixed loan with an APR of about 4.3%, depending on your

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Top 10 Don'ts when applying for a home loan: Getting a new mortgage loan is not what it used to be.  Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not, but there are definitely some "best practices" to follow when you are in the market for a mortgage loan these days. While this top-10 list from our friends at Stanford Mortgage is obviousily not all-inclusive, it's a pretty good guide that will help you eliminate some of the pitfalls in today's real estate market:

  1. Don't ammend your tax return, it could cause significant delays.
  2. Don't close old credit card accounts.
  3. Don't pay off collections or charge offs during the loan underwriting process.
  4. Don't consolidate your debt onto 1 or 2 credit cards.
  5. Don't pay any account late.  Stay current.
  6. Don't
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