Granite Bay Homes on the Market That Also Have a Pool

Posted by Phil Boren on Thursday, January 21st, 2016 at 11:15am.

How important is a pool?  It is very common for potential buyers today to ask, for example, to only see Granite Bay homes for sale with a pool. In our market, homes with a pool also tend to sell faster than homes without a pool, all else being equal, but we do see buyers on both ends of the "pool" spectrum.  So, we thought it would be interesting to look at some local market statistics to see what percentage of the homes available had a pool: Based on MetroList® data as of this writing, Granite Bay had 80 homes active on the market and 43 of them had, or had access to a pool.  That's over half the Granite Bay real estate market, or about 54%. Not hard to see why when you see some of these properties ...

Granite Bay Homes

Granite Bay Homes With a Pool

This is not to say that building a pool is a great financial investment because strictly looking at the cost of a new pool and the value it returns at re-sale, it's almost always a losing proposition. However, if we were to break the data down even further, what we would see is that there are market-driven benefits to having a pool - not to mention the advantages and enjoyment homeowners get during the time they own the home.

Other local markets had the following results based on the data today: Roseville had 216 active listings, 62 of which had pools or about 29%, Rocklin had 64/110 or about 58%, and Loomis had 6/33, or about 18%.

To get a broader view of how important it can be to have a pool in specific markets, we looked at the most recent data for Sold homes in each of these respective markets in 2015.  The Granite Bay market had a 61% ratio, meaning that 61% of the homes sold last year had a pool.  This is the highest percentage of the 4 local markets we looked at, and illustrates how in Granite Bay, home buyers generally expect to find a pool in the back yard.  The second highest ratio was Rocklin with 43%, next was Roseville at 34%, and last was Loomis at 28% - although Loomis had the smallest volume of sales with 173.

Like many answers to real estate questions, the answer to whether it's important to have a pool is ... it depends.  We've seen the most buyers looking in Granite Bay ask to see homes with a pool, which makes sense with the Sold data in 2015.  If you're thinking of selling or buying a home in our market, contact us and we'll put a little finer point on this for you - depending on where your property is located.

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