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Posted by Debbie Sax on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 at 12:38pm.

There is an old saying in Real Estate, "Don't wait to buy, but buy and wait."  Many times I have buyers and sellers asking me what the future will hold as they try to anticipate the market. Since my crystal ball broke a long time ago, the way we analyze is predicated on past behaviors and future forecasts.  Knowing the market you are in is key.  Every home is in essence its own market and depending on mitigating factors as in, condition, location, upgrades & low inventory can all play into pricing and your decision. Click the picture below for additional information.


We can look at past sales and average price per square foot, however, in the case of low inventory and multiple offers, you may find yourself bidding on a home that has far less upgrades than the last comparison shown.  As a seller this is great news, however as a buyer you are trying to be the last man standing when the seller chooses the best offer for them.  In some cases, the highest offer is not always the best.  For example, if the home has raised a family and the sellers read a personal letter from the buyer that pulls at their heart strings, that may be the deciding factor and it is not always the highest and best price that is chosen.  If you are considering buying or selling and like to more about how I can artfully assist you in this ever-changing market, I would love to discuss your specific situation, and come up with a game plan.  I am here to assist you in being successful with your Real Estate needs.

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