IDX Listings How-To & Help

Bookmarked Listings


Bookmarked listings are listings that you want to save and view later.

Bookmark a Listing

To Bookmark a Listing, click the star icon near each listing result or the "Bookmark Listing" button found on each listing's details page.

Saved Searches

If you find yourself searching for the same types of properties over and over, you needn't fill out the search form each time.  Simply create a saved search for one-click access to your favorite search results.  Hint:  Don't bee too specific - it's better to see a marginal listing and reject it than to miss it.

Save a Search

To Save a Search, Click the "Save this Search!" link found at the top of any listings results page once you've set your criteria.  You can name your search, i.e. "Granite Bay $800,000 - $900,000", and you can set the daily listing update frequency.

Daily Listing Updates

Once your search is saved, you'll see all the matching listings in your account.  From that point forward, all new listings matching your saved-search criteria will be emailed to you each day, week or month (your choice).  This will keep you informed on the latest properties available and give you an opportunity to notify us and set up an appointment to see the property right away.