What's Your Home Worth Today?

The current market value of your home is influenced by a number of factors including supply and demand, property condition, marketing exposure, etc. Buyers' perceptions can also change pretty quickly. Pricing a home is one of the most important parts of marketing any home for sale, and it will influence your showing activity, the number of days on market and perhaps most importantly, your eventual sales price. Pricing your home too low is an obvious issue, but pricing too high can also have a major influence on your eventual success. The key is being competitively priced - which is where we come in.

In today's ever-changing real estate market, it's more important than ever for your home to be competitively priced relative to your competition. NorCal real estate trends are critical in establishing a realistic and competitive list price, and we will help you understand what these trends are and what they mean for you. We have the experience to know how to price your property to make sure it not only sells, but that it sells for top dollar with terms that are acceptable to you. It's about more than just price! There are a lot of moving parts in a contract, some of which can significantly affect your bottom line. You can see a good example of local market trends that we consider in the chart below.

Free Home Evaluation

If you're curious about your home's current value, we offer several easy and free options: 1) If you would like a custom, detailed, and hands-on approach, submit the form below and we'll email you a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) within 24 hours that one of our team members will prepare based on their personal research of your home and the current market. 2) If you received a postcard from us with a personal code for a quick value estimate, enter your code in the box above and submit. 3) For an instant, online evaluation use our interactive Home Valuation Tool based on your personal input criteria, or 4) Click Here and enter your address to receive instant value-estimate ranges from multiple sources, including Zillow.

Whatever method you choose, we've put together advanced resources to get you a market-oriented solution. Check out this 16-part video series on how to get your home ready to sell:

It's also important to take a look at the broader real estate market trends to be able to properly analyze and position your property in the market today. For example, what are the trends in marketing times, competitive inventory, the number of sold properties in your micro market, the number of pending properties, etc.? Failing to research and analyze these trends can cost you big money.

Trends in the market can be at least as important as comps, and ignoring them could mean that you end up putting your home on the market at the wrong price - either too high or too low. For example, let's say a house down the street from yours sold 3 months ago. The buyer and seller actually reached their agreement on price as much as two months prior to that - or 5 months ago. We've seen markets shift considerably in 5 months and the level of competition and overall trends could have been much different at that time. Don't leave money on the table! Analyzing market trends will help us understand that and ensure we position your property more accurately in the current market.

Placer County Real Estate Market Trends

Below are current market-data trends for all Placer County areas combined. You can customize the search results with your county and/or neighborhood by clicking "here" in the top, right-hand corner of the graph.  See data for Sacramento and El Dorado Counties here:

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