Wine Storage Tips

Home Wine Storage Tips

We are fortunate to show and sell some beautiful Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills and Granite Bay homes for sale, and some of the wine-storage options we've seen are impressive. If you're thinking of storing some of your favorite wine in your home, here are some storage tips:

To properly store good wine, you'll need to be concerned with four main things: 1) Temperature, 2) Humidity, 3) Positioning, and 4) Light. Not all wines will age the same, but you can safely store a lot of good wine by contolling these things.


In general, white wines tend to store best at a slightly cooler temperature, and red wines at a slightly warmer temperature. In a storage room though, it can be really difficult to control the temperature that much, so maintaining a constant temperature in the 53 to 57-degree range would be ideal.


You may never have heard that humidity is important in wine storage, but if you're planning to store bottles for any length of time, controlling humidity becomes more and more important. Why? Because storing wine in a dry environment can allow the (natural) cork to dry out, which then causes it to shrink, which then allows air to seep into the bottle. Air is an enemy of wine storage and if it enters the bottle, it's over. Try to maintain a humidity level in the 50% to 75% range and you'll be fine.


Ideal positioning for traditional wine storage is laying the bottles on their side, tilted a few degrees toward the cork. Placing the wine in contact with the cork tends to keep the cork from drying out and, again, letting air in. No, this doesn't apply to artificial corks or screw-tops, and it's less important if you don't plan to store the wine for very long.


UV rays are another enemy of wine, and exposing wine to light will inevitably affect it's taste. Try to keep your wine away from light exposure and you'll be able to enjoy the flavor the winemaker intended.

There are a lot of variables involved and proper wine storage typically involves some equipment to maintain the proper temperature and humidity. It's a lot of work, so maybe the solution is just to drink the wine quickly? Salud!

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