California Home Mortgage Rates

It's really exciting to find the right home ... but it's critical that we get the right mortgage lender and the right mortgage-loan program in place before we spend a lot of time looking at homes. Not only will we be able to leverage your mortgage-loan approval in our negotiations with the seller, but you will be confident that you can close escrow on the homes we look at. We will not waste any time (and maybe miss the right house), looking at and trying to contract for homes you can't buy. If you're interested in calculating your mortgage payment, feel free to use our Mortgage Calculator. Above are average California mortgage rates and trends today.

If you haven't applied for a mortgage loan in the last few years, things have definitely changed and it is even more critical than ever to work with an experienced, local loan officer who can get your loan closed on time. Here's a little more information about the types of mortgage loans that are out there today:

Using leverage (financing) to buy real estate can be a sound financial decision. The mortgage professionals we recommend will talk to you not only about home mortgage rates, but about the type of loan that's best for you and your specific set of circumstances. Depending on your situation, you will have several mortgage loan options: FHA loans offer a minimal down payment of 3.5%; Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), are sometimes easier to qualify for with low initial interest rates; Fixed rate loans are fixed for the life of the loan but can be more expensive up front; and there are even low-down conventional loans available today.

The bottom line is that there's an increasing variety of home mortgage options out there today. We encourage you to review your situation with a competent, local mortgage professional. If you don't yet have a local lender, submit the following form and we'll refer you to someone we trust to take good care of you.

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